Gain access to all project and management info at one point for analyzing and identifying the various issues with regard to the project
An organization can be very advantageous if the information from different sources about its investments, expenditure and revenue could be brought on a single integrated platform for analysis. These evaluations added to the facility of project strategic planning and resource planning would be an absolute treat for project managers. SAP PPM is an integrated module to handle multiple programs for an organisation. SAP Portfolio Management is well integrated with SAP PS and  SAP Project management. We firmly believe project managers should spend the minimum possible time to compile all the relevant information analysis. Optimal Quality time can be achieved from available resources by always doing things better with the readily available reliable data. SAP PPM will reduce your valuable time in collecting all the relevant data in one place for analysis.SAP PPM is a part of the SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) suite from the SAP. SAP Portfolio and Project Management is the combination of SAP Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP XRPM) solution and the Collaboration projects (C-projects) solution in a single integrated package.We at KSA tech are in a position to provide you with a solution for rapid deployment of Portfolio and Project Management solution with SAP RPM, C-projects, and SAP Project system. We provide comprehensive solutions for your business and practical methodologies for managing your projects and project financials together.