document Management


ppmhub vault

PPMHUB is an online document management platform to provide an automated way of organizing, storing and accessing your business files and documents. It will provide you a secure, central online repository of your documents where you can easily search and retrieve files and share with others. All these translate to efficiency, productivity, and savings.

The landing page of the Document Management System is a dashboard which will display the latest documents and the main folders. The Search option will help you to easily search the document by Document Id or Name. You can share the document via email or to the Users available in the system.



You can select a Folder from the sidebar and can view the list of documents created under that Folder. You can search any document by Document Id or Name. You can sort the records in the page based on Document Number, Name and Size for a clear and refined view.

Create Folder

From the sidebar, click on +Folder button; a pop up page will appear for you to type the name of the New Folder, Select the Parent Folder, Enter the description and click Create Folder. Want to create under a different folder; select the Parent Folder accordingly. The Create Folder lets you create unlimited folders to hold any type of file.

Manage Lists and Sorting

The lists of available folders are displayed here. You can update the Folder Name, Parent Folder, Description and its Active status.
You can share the Folder to User with access to all its child Folder or you can restrict the child Folder they can access.

Create User

To add a new User to the system, enter the details User Name, Email Id, password and select the Role to be mapped. Set the Status to ‘Active’ and click on Submit.  The User will be created successfully and will be listed in the User List Dashboard.

User List

The list of Users in the system will be displayed in the Dashboard. You can easily sort and Search using User Name, Email Address or User Role.

Edit User Details

You can edit their details like User Name, Email Address and Role and click the Submit button. To make the User Inactive, turn off the Status. By default, this is turned on.

Manage User Roles

Manage Users allows to create, modify and Search User Roles.
To create a new User Role, enter the Role Name and click the Submit button.
To modify the Role Name click the edit button, enter the new Role Name and click Update