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Cloud ERP Product , PPMHUB

PPMHUB offers the best Project Management software in Australia to cover workplace needs for everyone. Our Cloud ERP software offers several useful features including a ready-to-use framework which allows you to organize and maintain your projects without wasting any time on creating spreadsheets etc..


SAP Fiori Mobile Applications

KSA Tech consulting offers ready to deploy Fiori applications for SAP ERP users. Our services include mobile application functional design, OData services development, ABAP programs  development for the OData services , SAPUI5 application development, testing and complete application deployment. We will be also able to offfer native IOS  apps.


Custom Software Developments

KSA Tech Consulting  offers web application and mobile application development. Customers can choose any of the PPMHUB module and provide us the requirement for customisation for use as standalone software application.  The few  readily available applications include Risk Management, Agile Methodology, Plant Maintenance  and Project management

PPMHUB: Cloud  ERP product of KSA Tech Consulting

There are many features offered by PPMHUB mini ERP application. Not only is it user-friendly but is also easy to install. However, it requires company specific master data to set up before it can be switched on. You can be on board in two to three days. Below are the modules offered in PPMHUB mini ERP application.

PPMHUB offers the best Project Management software in Australia to cover workplace needs for everyone. Our Cloud ERP software offers several useful features including a ready-to-use framework which allows you to organize and maintain your projects without wasting any time on creating spreadsheets etc.

Moreover, our online Project Management software also provides customized development so you can change the settings according to your preferences. Our settings will let you accommodate different aspects or tabs which are specifically essential to your line of work.

Another reason why PPM is the best Project Management software is the fact that we offer ASW Cloud Hosting which allows you to share your work progress with your team or employees. This means that everyone can stay in touch with each other and add work progress to the sheet for others to see. Moreover, our Project Management software offers Cloud ERP for enterprise resource planning with increased accessibility.

Through this feature, our Project Management software also plays the role of an ERP application and a plant maintenance software that provides backup and transferring options for the data which is essential for your business. All the data regarding your company will be easier to regulate and there will be a recovery plan always in place. In short, PPM application will be useful for all types of businesses in Australia.

PPMHUB  is free to try software that you don’t have to pay for initial testing and orientation of your employees. It is a great option for startups that cannot afford expensive ERP application packages.

PPM also offers a compatible mobile phone application that you can download to manage everything from your phone. The mobile application increases accessibility and lets you manage everything from your phone when you cannot use a laptop or computer. PPM, therefore, gives you enhanced access to all the data and the power to share everything from anywhere.

PPMHUB Project Management software Australia also offers a free trial round through which you can test how useful it is for your business. It is important for the employees to be able to work in spreadsheets which are already tailored for their use without wasting time. Furthermore, it is a way for everyone to stay in touch and update others about their progress on each project.

All these features come together to make PPMHUB one of the best online Project Management software for startups and businesses which need backup and data transfer options for their workplace needs


SAP Fiori/ OData services.

KSA Tech Consulting Pty Limited offers its customers a Mobile Application Product “cProject Mobile Dashboard 1.0”, which has been certified by SAP for Integration with NetWeaver Gateway 2. The custom Fiori applications are the way to save dollars to achieve the organisation specific requirements. We will be able to provide services for native mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms. We at KSA Tech offer mobile solutions with SAP system as background system. We have expertise and strong functional knowledge in the following SAP Modules.

KSA Tech has been providing services in developing custom Fiori application such as:

  • SAP PS project planning, budgeting, progress calculation and SAP timesheet report.

• SAP Cross application components based custom Fiori apps.

• Custom Fiori Apps in SAP Portfolio and Project Management.

• Custom Fiori apps for SAP Materials Management.

• Custom Fiori apps for SAP Sales and Distribution.

• Custom Fiori apps for SAP SRM.

We will be able to provide solutions to include custom enhancement through mobile application development to help reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of the custom application that may be required for the Business to operate in an efficient and truly integrated manner. Please check out the video of our c-Project Mini dashboard SAP Fiori application. This custom application can be installed in your Fiori Launchpad. You need to use SAP Portfolio and Project Management in your organisation. You can use this handy c-Project mini dashboard to view and update many day-to-day activities in your projects.

USP of our prodcuts


Basic framework ready to use

Customers can leverage the standard PPMHUB offering Cloud ERP to kick-start the business operations on a fast new platform. However, we also offer custom development of the available application which saves a lot of time and effort to achieve the final destination of the application requirements to run your business.

Machine learning models on top of our applications

PPMHUB will use AWS machine learning platform to achieve the model training and model execution.


Custom development to suit your needs

For our Enterprise plan customers, We offer the custom modifications of the PPMHUB to tailor their needs. Also, we offer custom development services as an add-on to the existing platform.


AWS Cloud Hosting

All our customers can be rest assured about the availability and data security since we host your applications on AWS cloud.