SAP Fiori Improving User Experience

SAP Fiori takes SAP UX to the next level, applying modern design concepts to give an entirely revamped experience. It helps in improving user satisfaction by providing an easy-to-use UI and by promoting better business decisions through faster approvals. It includes analytical apps, transnational apps and fact sheets. The SAP Fiori user experience offers unparalleled responsiveness when combined with SAP HANA. Enterprise level training on SAP Fiori helps introduce modern design concepts.SAP Fiori has been ideally named after a flower, in Italian!

SAP Fiori Background

SAP Fiori has been designed and developed with the participation of more than 250 customers. This input has helped in understanding the underlying business concepts and functions for improving and simplifying the user experience. Some of the business benefits experienced by SAP Fiori users include:

  • Improvement in employee productivity
  • Reduction in task competition time
  • Improvement in adoption of business processes
  • Improvement in user satisfaction through an easy-to-use and intuitive UI
  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency with reduction in TCO
  • Promoting better business decisions through faster approvals
  • Leveraging current SAP systems by providing value to all business processes and employees

SAP Fiori can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms using a browser that supports HTML5. It takes advantage of responsive design, which makes apps ready for the different device form factor through the same UI. The apps can be deployed in many ways – as different web apps or as a single entity. They could also be used from SAP or other portals. You can also configure SAP Fiori to provide access to a subset of apps depending on the roles of users.Features of SAP FioriSome of the main features of SAP Fiori based apps are that they are simple, responsive, consistent, and role-based. It represents one process, one user and a maximum of three screens. Some of the other main features are as following:

  • All the new functionalities are based on Fiori
  • It is free to install
  • SAP Fiori offers more than 200 apps
  • It can be used on almost any device
  • It supports SapUI5 framework – jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5
  • Web Fiori works on HTM5 based browsers
  • Fiori Mobile takes development to the next level. It offers apps through a web container. It requires you to have installed SAP Mobile Platform.
  • Fiori Web Plus integrates the SAP Fiori Client. It is available in the Play Store and App Store. It helps in improving security and caching.

At its most basic level, SAP Fiori offers an experience similar to Facebook. Its simple UI offers a seamless experience across different types of devices. It has changed the way enterprise users used to interact with business software. The applications similar to PPMHUB also offers very good user experience while using the everyday business application.
It has improved the level of interaction for tens of thousands of users of SAP ERP and SRM. Within your enterprise, it helps in bringing everyone – your employees, supervisors, managers, sales, and purchase departments in an elegant way across two dozen of the most widely used SAP applications.