SAP Portfolio Management

If your business model involves fast moving project management, your business requires efficient systems. SAP project portfolio management (SAP PPM) is highly versatile in meeting the demands of wide-ranging and fast-moving projects in almost any industry. It will help you keep on top of all your projects, and prioritise them for a high level of efficiency. KSA Tech Consulting ( provide a perfect solution for your specific business needs with a complete package including mobilising your solution.

Need for SAP PPM

Enterprises need to keep running projects continuously to growth their sales and profits. All the projects need different types of resources like time, effort, assets, finances and people to be successful. Organisations will always have limited resources at their disposal. This is where SAP PPM will come to your help.PPM will help in centralising both your current and proposed projects for analysis and management. This will help refine the efficient administration of the available resources.You will be able to achieve your goals while saving time, money and other resources. SAP PPM will help your organisation achieve its technical and strategic economic goals through optimisation of the following management aspects of your projects:

  • Financial management
  • Selection management
  • Scheduling management
  • Execution management

How PPM Helps?

PPM will help create a centralised reporting system. It will allow you to do the following and much more:

  • Track project progress and costs in an efficient manner.
  • Budget all the projects on an annual and monthly basis.
  • Managing ideas and future projects and determining which ones to be pursued.
  • Evaluating risks involved in different projects to ensure maximum chances of success.

 Key Features

Various features of SAP PPM can help you manage your projects better:

  • Monitor Projects – This feature will allow you to control all your projects efficiently. You can view and manage project costs and revenues. It will cover the control and logistics aspects of project management and is ideally suited for manufacturing and related industries.
  • Manage Phase-based Development Projects – This feature will allow project management through the development phase. It will support IT, consultancy, and development projects. It will also provide better structuring, scheduling, planning, visualisation and execution. You and your teams will be able to collaborate with groups, both within and without the organisation. Overall, it will help in improving your overall resource efficiency.
  • Managing Strategic Aspects – PPM can allow you to control the strategic aspects of your portfolio management. You can keep track of project status including resource information while also managing entire project portfolio.

You can also align budgets, resources, and activities that will enable timely and regular monitoring of your portfolio performance. It will also help in improving decision-making, simplify resource projection and avoid any bottlenecks.

All these features work together to provide you the best possible project management tools. One of the biggest advantages of this project and portfolio management system is that you will be able to collect information from different project management, finance, HR, and other systems.So you will be able to monitor, keep track and coordinate your plans while optimally using all your resources.