Time Management Management Menu

The PPMHUB’s “Portfolio to Payment” application contains Time Management module (Timesheet) among other modules such as Portfolio, Project, Agile methodology, Budget, Risk, Procurement, Sales, Reporting and Dashboards. The Time Management module has the following sub-modules:

  1. Employee Personnel records
  2. Approval Settings
  3. Time Entry Profiles
  4. Approval Process
  5. Resource-Related Costs
  6. Time Sheet Entry; and
  7. Resource costs report under-reporting section.

Timesheet management

Time Management Overview

Timesheet managementThe efforts overview/display is useful for users to view the time entered for multiple weeks on a single page. The copy week feature is a significant one to speed up the time entry process.

Time Management Entry Screen (day view)

Timesheet managementThe user needs the assignment to project task to enter time against a project. The timesheet work list will display all the project assignments for recording the time. The copy timesheet facility (a day) is also available to speed up the time entry.

 Time Management Approval Process

Timesheet managementThe administrator can maintain the approver for every individual in an organisation. The timesheet submission will trigger the workflow, and the approver will receive an e-mail notification and link for the approval process. Alternatively, the approval process can take place in the application’s time approval dashboard.The timesheet approval will update the actual hours for a project. Consequently, the costs for the project is posted.

Resource-Related  Costs-Projects

Timesheet management

Resource-Related Costs Report

Timesheet managementSample report screenshot of PPMHUB application- Resource costs.The above report is useful to compare the project costs and the resource-related costs. Please check PPMHUB

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